1930 FORD AUTO FLAT GLASS KIT-7561-for a SEDAN - 2 Door - Tudor 5 Passenger 1930 31 Model

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Product Description

All flat glass parts are made with pride in the USA by us.

Thank you for visiting our Yahoo Store! We have the original factory Auto Glass and Truck Glass patterns and reference material for domestic autos and trucks of every domestic year, make and model from the early 1920ís through 1965. We can also cut to the custom patterns of your kit car or custom "one-off". Send me an email or call (530) 626-6923 M-F 8-5 Pacific Time for help determining your specific glass needs or for more information about providing us with your custom patterns.

FLAT GLASS KIT: kit contains: Windshield: 1, Quarter: 2, Door: 2, Back: 1

Model Number and Vehicle Description this kit fits
SEDAN - 2 Door - Tudor 5 Passenger 1930 31 Model

Shipping, Packaging and Insurance
All of our glass is carefully packaged to minimize your classic auto parts and classic truck parts from breaking during shipment. When your package arrives open and inspect every part for damage. If anything is broken save all of your packing material and the broken pieces. It is also important that you call us on the day you received the shipment so we can contact the shipper with a claim. If it is after hours or no one answers the phone, leave a message with your name, number and a list of what needs to be replaced. We have very few breakage occupancies, but when shipping glass anything can happen. If you call us the day your shipment arrives we will deal with the shipping company and replace all of your broken product as quickly as possible. All orders are custom cut on a first come basis except breakage. Replacement of broken parts always goes to the top of the cutting list because you have already patiently waited your turn.

Glass Colors
During the ordering process, please indicate your choice of color for each piece of auto glass in the Kit. You may choose clear glass or one of the following tints: 70% green, 52% light smoked, 52% light bronze. In most states the legal windshield replacement color is clear or light green tint. Call your local Highway Patrol and ask them what is legal for the road in your state.

How to Order the Correct Glass Kit
Since flat vintage auto glass and vintage truck glass is custom cut to order, it is imperative that you check several pieces of information to ensure that you order the correct Glass Kit to fit your vehicle. Optimally you should check the Style/Model Number of your vehicle. Below you will find the description of the exact Make and Models this Glass Kit will fit. The Style/Model Number defines the body style of your auto and without it you take the chance of buying the wrong glass. Occasionally multiple body styles were produced for the same Make in a given year, each with different window sizes and shapes. If you can not find your Style/Model Number please send me an email or call (530) 626-6923 M-F 8-5 Pacific Time and we will be happy to help determine the correct set of glass for you. Please leave a detailed message that contains what the Year, Make, Body Style, 2 or 4 Door and Style No. of the car or truck you need glass for.

The Style/Model Number of your vehicle can be found on the fire wall under the hood, in the glove box or on the driverís door.  Do not mistake your VIN number for the Style/Model Number; the Style/Model Number begins with the two-digit year of the vehicle.  This number is followed by a hyphen and the number and/or letter combination that corresponds to the body style. For example the Model Number for one of the 1935 Chevy 2 Door coupe's is "35-1017." If your car is unmodified the model number will allow us to determine exactly which glass patterns to use in order to ensure a perfect original factory fit for your glass.

If your Model Number is not listed below, this is not the correct glass kit for your vehicle. Return to our Yahoo Store to search other glass kits of the correct year and check to make sure the kit lists your Model Number before purchasing it.

Flat Glass Processing Time
We custom cut every flat antique auto glass and antique truck glass order on a first-come first-served basis. It can take 15 to 20 business days from the time of your order to the shipment of your glass. Make sure you provide us with your phone number, contact information and a street address so we can contact you to ensure the proper kit was purchased.

Individual Flat Glass Parts for this or any Make and Model
If you need individual parts we sell doors, vents, quarter windows, 2 piece windshields and 2-piece back glasses in pairs. We will also sell side glass only kits and single 1-piece windshields and 1-piece back glasses. Send me an email or call (530) 626-6923 M-F 8-5 Pacific Time with the Year, Make, Body Style, 2 or 4 Door and Style/Model No. of the car or truck you need parts for.

Curved Auto Glass
I have an extensive list of suppliers that sell curved auto parts and truck parts, some of it is original and some is remanufactured.  If you need a piece of curved glass that you can't find anywhere, send me an email or call (530) 626-6923 M-F 8-5 Pacific Time and I will do my best to find it. If you get the answering machine at any time during or after business hours, please leave your Name, Number, the Year, Make, Body Style, 2 or 4 Door and Style No. of the car or truck you need parts for.  Please do not price comparison shop us for curved glass. We manufacture flat glass and do not buy curved glass in bulk. Our purchasing of curved glass is done as a service to you on an each basis and the discounts we receive and prices we must charge reflect this. However, if you are unable to find a curved part everywhere else please contact me. I have several very good sources for hard to find curved glass parts and would be happy to see if it is available.

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